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Oohh... the "REAL DANGER"

chapter eight rebuttal

Satan's Strategist

Dollins ends his 102 page diatribe againt Harry Potter with a warning for parents:

That he, Stephen Dollins, former Satanic High Priest, has written this astounding book to "better equip you in combatting this assault on our children and the God-ordained family unit." (page 93)

A book based on a satirical article and the rantings of a man that is guilty of over analyzing a piece of fiction is meant to equip us in fighting the devil? Dollins said that there is no way that "good" magic can defeat "bad" magic because magic is magic and it is all from Satan. If that is true, then a lie is a lie and no matter what the reason, it can never be from God or in the defense of God.

If you think that Harry Potter is evil, then I urge you to pick up the books, sit down and remember what it was like to be a kid and simply READ a book without worrying about what this name means in latin or what that flower represents.

Kids have a firm grasp on reality. They know reality from fantasy. It's the adults that need reminding every now and again because we get so caught up with symbology that we forget to just sit back and ENJOY.

Don't like Potter? Don't read Potter. But don't start making up facts and quotes (there are six unattributed kid quotes in this chapter) and writing books to scare the living daylights out of everyone else.

I will pray for you, Mr. Dollins and for your publishers. You should do the right thing and issue an apology to those of us that spent our hard-earned money on this piece of garbage.

This book made you look idiotic, Mr. Dollins. It made you look like a fraud to the Christian community. It is because of lying zealots like yourself that I am ASHAMED to admit that you represent Christianity to many people in the world. No wonder people are leaving the faith. And it's NOT because of Harry Potter.

Finally, how do you think Mr. Dollins capped-off chapter eight? With a picture of a woman wearing nothing but a see-through dress standing in a "seductive pose" in front of a pentagram. Dollins is so obsessed with sex that I wonder what his intentions really are since there is nothing sexual about the Potter novels.  There are no pentagrams, no nudity, no sex, no contact with the supernatural world, no demons, no conjuring Satan, etc.  There books use magic like Disney does.  Harry Potter is closer to Merlin than the Devil.

Grow up, Dollins, and get your mind out of the gutter.