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Potter Goes to Hollywood

rebuttal on chapters six and seven
Check back soon!
Critique in the works!

Harry Potter has threestrikes against him: 1. kids are dropping everything to read about him; 2. Hollywood has put him and his pals on the silver screen for eager audiences; and 3. he has been turned into a merchandising godsend (no pun intended here.)
Chapter six is concerned with the release of the first movie in 2001. He quotes David Heyman as saying, "It's such a human, moving tale.  Harry is such an 'everybody'.  He comes from a damaged home.  He's not a great academic.  Moreover, Hogwarts is a schoolthat all of us would have wanted to go.  The book wasn't sentimental.  It had an edge. It was wickedly funny.  It was fiercely imaginative.  Those were the reasons I like it."

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