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What's Being Taught?

chapter four rebuttal


I was a bit humored at the following found on page 39:

"As they read and study how Harry learns these practices of the 'old' craft, SO DOES YOUR CHILD! This is a teaching and learning method, just as is used with Pokemon and Teletubbies. (Read 'Satan Wants Our Children', my forthcoming book, for more in-depth information.)"

I immediately thought of old Gilderoy Lockhart! Dollins is just as flashy, just full of himself, of his vast knowledge... and just as CREDIBLE!

Anyone who has read these books knows that very little of the stories take place inside of a classroom!  (And those parts that do generally surround a converstation between Ron, Harry and sometimes Hermione.)  These books are not textbooks for witchcraft.  They are about friendships and doing what is right.

After going on again about his definition of the term "muggle", Dollins give us 12 things that are "taught"  in these books.

(pages 40-46)

1. Disrepect for Authority
Dollins claims that Harry never receives punishment for breaking rules. Have we read the same books? Are the loss of house points and detentions not punishment? Being sent into the Forbidden Forest in the dead of night does NOT sound like a "reward" to me.

2. That muggles are painted as being weak
and labled as "losers"
Sure, Malfoy and his family are "racist" in a sense that they only deem "purebloods" as worthy, but these books are about tolerance and love. The only "muggles" that are painted in a bad light are the Dursleys and with good reason!

3. That parents aren't to be honored since they are the "bad guys" and the wizards are the "good guys".

WHAT?!?!? Again, have you read these books? All of the families are married, by the way, and even the evil Malfoys keep thier little Draco in line. Kids do not back talk their parents (I'd like to see one of the Weasley kids try to back talk their mum!) and I'd like for Dollins to back up this claim. Oh wait, he can't.

4. "...death is but the next great adventure,"

as said by Dumbledore. Name one Christian that doesn't belive this.

5. There is beauty in witchcraft.

Rowling's use of literature witchcraft does not glorify the Wiccan religion or Satanism. Get a grip.

6. Centaurs

Too lame to even touch.

7. The Potter books refer to evil as "good"

I have no idea where he is coming from on this because the battle lines are clearly drawn in the books. We know who and what is good, and who and what is evil.

8. Dollins talks about Quirrell's turn to the Dark Side and then says that "according to Harry Potter, Satan is not evil, but good, because he has 'powers' and knows how to use them. R-i-i-i-ght!"

 I am shocked at this man's idiocy! Harry fights Quirrell calling him a liar and refusing the hand over the stone to aid Voldermort. He'd rather die first. Quirrell was a BAD GUY! Get it? Harry Potter stood up and faced this evil and did not succumb to it.

9. Dollins rants about Harry's scar...

We covered that under "symbolism".  Harry is not wearing the mark of Satan.  Dollins also says that Sirius was an Egyptian god who appeared to man as "part-man, part-cat." Um, no. DOG, hun. D-O-G.


10. Witchcraft is to be fought with Witchcraft

Dollins talks about their wands both having cores of Phoenix feather from the SAME PHOENIX. (Which is Fawkes, Dumbledore's phoenix.) Since their wands share the same core, then their magic is the same. This is true, but its our CHOICES that make us evil or good, not what is inside of our weapons. Dollins is a perfect example. You can throw that Bible around all you want, but it doesn't make you "good". Your decision to used lies to get a point across tells us all what we need to know.


Again, Dollins claims that Harry constantly breaks rules and is rewarded for his rule-breaking instead of punished. He brings up Harry's fights with the Dursleys and that he was "flaunting" his magic when he inflated Marge. (The incident with Marge was an acciden. Let someone call your mother a bitch and your dad a worthless loser and see how well you maintain you composure.) He gives some examples to back this claim up.

         A. He quotes Ron Weasley but I cannot find this quote anyone in the book. His reference is screwed up.  I'll have to find the quote myself and then update this page.

        B. " 'Mum, shut up!' Ron yelled." Dollins forgot to mention that they were in a hospital wing and Sirius Black, whom Ms. Weasley thought was a murderer, appears by Harry's hospital bed. She screams. Ron gets her to be quite so that Dumbledore can explain.

        C. "Ron is shocked that Hermione wants them to break a school rule."  Again, Dollins neglects to tell his readers that Hermione wants to find out who is behind the terrorism in the school.  Yes, sometimes the ends DO justify the means. Harriett Tubman broke the rules in her day but with good reason.  She isn't evil for doing so. 

        D. Uncle Vernon and Harry have a fight and Harry is said to think, "gone were the days when he had been forced to take every single one of the Dursley's stupid rules..."  Again, Vernon jumps down Harry's throat at least once a day when Harry is there.  Vernon had just given a speech about how saintly it was for him and Petunia to take him in and how they've done all of this stuff for Harry.  Harry reminds him that the only things he's ever gotten were cast-offs of Dudley's.  Harry has had it.  Who can blame him? 

We are then told to examine how the parental characters are portrayed.

F. "Mr. Weasley takes the Grangers to the Leaky Cauldron for a drink."

And? The Leaky Cauldron isn't just for drunks, as children are allowed inside and people even sit down and eat in there! Think of it as an Appleby's for Wizards. Who said that they consumed alchohol?

G. "Lockhart talking about not minding a bottle of 'Ogden's Old Firewhiskey.' "

OK... Lockhart wasn't a parent, so how this comes to play inder parental character, I do not know. Since when is drinking a sin?  None of the characters are drunks (well, Hagrid loves his lager, but it's never a central theme of the novels) and drinking in moderation is fine.  It's even healthy.

H. "Percy drinks elderflower wine."

 Well, he is of age! I drink wine every now and then with dinner, does that make me a bad parent? Many Christian denominations use real wine during their services, too. The Bible does not forbid the drinking of wine. Jesus' first miracle was turning water into wine for that matter!

I. & J. "The kids drink Butterbeer."

We do not know that this is alchoholic! I think it is rather more like Rootbeer, than a real beer.

12. Revenge and hatred towards enemies

Dollins gives three examples:

A. Harry telling Mr. Weasly that "it's not possible to live with the Dursleys and not hate them."

Strong words, yes, but if you read the books, you'd understand the feelings... They mistreat him terribly.

B. Ron makes a sarcastic remark about the murder of Moaning Myrtle.

It was a tactless remark, but sarcastic all the same.

C. Hermione says that she "hates that Skeeter woman!"

Skeeter is a lying (sound like someone we know?) reporter who destroys the lives of many people for her stories. She writes untrue things about Harry, Hagrid and Hermione that cause tons of problems. This was said in the heat of the moment when Hermione has had enough. Mean, but understandable if you've read the books.

Dollins then jumps to the fact that Dumbledore's phoenix (see symbolism page) named Fawkes is named after Guy Fawkes. As a protestant, I'm surprised that YOU, Mr. Dollins, don't recognize Guy Fawkes day. He was, afterall a Catholic that was thrawted on Nov. 5.