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A Wizard Is Born

Chapter two rebuttal
 "A Wizard is Born" is the title of Chapter two. Dollins claims that "these books are designed to desensitize our children and introduce them to witchcraft and wizardry -- the 'real' kind." (page 15, paragraph two).

And all this time I just viewed them, and their movie counterparts, as "The Wizard of Oz" of this generation.

Harry Potter, along with Pokemon, Digimon and the Teletubbies are "all designed by Satan and his human agents to 'teach' something." 
I will go over each of the books as Dollins sees them ... and with the TRUTH.
[Dollins also considers the four houses at Hogwarts "fraternity" houses... interesting way to look at them since there are females at Hogwarts, too.  Dollins doesn't understand boarding schools it seems.]
Click the book covers below for each analysis.
Of course Dollins' book was out long before books five and six in the Potter series were released, but I included information about them here anyway.