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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


Dollins is upset at the sheer amount of people, young and old, that were in lines around the world at midnight when book four went on sale. And we all know that if something is popular then it must be from the devil.

Dollins reminds us yet again that "ALL THESE THINGS ARE ABOMINATIONS THAT THE LORD GOD DESPISES!" (page 23, bottom of page, empasis is his.)

Wow. What a barren life Dollins' family must have. No books (except his Bible), no television, no magazines ... nothing. Because everything from the plays of Shakespeare to the tales of King Author and the Knight of the Round Table to the children's stories from Disney all contain elements of magic, death and fantasy.

He also reminds us that we should kill witches, citing Exodus 22:18, and I must say again that he must've missed the passages about NOT LYING and that we should KILL those who LIE in the name of the LORD.

He again shows his lack of knowledge about the books, beginning with saying that the murder of the Riddle family "from shock" happened because "a local man in the town had snuck into the home of Evil Lord Voldemort, where he overheard Voldemort and his servant, Wormtail, talking and planning the murder of Harry Potter." (page 24, paragraph four).

OK. The Riddle family (Voldemort's paternal grandparents and his father) where killed and their gardener, Frank Bryce, was the main suspect. He got off but continued to live on the grounds of the Riddle house. Kids were constantly breaking in, and when he sees a flickering light in the house one night, he goes to investigate it. That is when he overhears Voldemort and Pettigrew talking. The snake, Nagini, tells Voldemort that a muggle was standing outside the door, at which time Voldemort tells Pettigrew to invite him in.
How Dollins got that twisted, I will never know.

(We find out later in the book that Tom Riddle, Voldemort's father, left his mom when he found out that she was a witch, which was just before Voldemort was born. His mom died during birth so he was raised in an orphanage. He vowed revenge, and it was Voldemort that killed the Riddles as described in the beginning of the book. Incidentally, Voldemort's birth name is Tom Marvolo Riddle... rearrange those letters to get "I am Lord Voldemort.")

The term "muggle" means someone who is NOT magical. Dollins seems to think that it is a derogatory word. (Hermione's parents are muggles and Harry's own mother was muggle born for crying out loud!) Dollins tells his readers that the term stand for those who are merely mortals (page 24), that hate and despise magic (page 25) and that are losers who are fat and worthless (page 44). In fact, it is a term that describes whether or not someone is capable of magic. That is it. Just like the terms male and female tells the reader the sex of the character. And everyone one, magical and muggle alike, are mortal ... just ask anyone who has read book six.

Dollins says that Harry writes to Dumbledore in the beginning of the book, when in fact he only writes to his Godfather, Sirius. He says that the reader is "introduced to new magical spells such as floo powder ... and polyjuice potion." (page 26). And he says that he has read the books? Both floo powder and the polyjuice potion make their debut in book two and are prominent in that story.

(He hates floo powder because it is similar to the "occult practice of projecting oneself out of their body." page 26. Actually, it is more like the transporters from Star Trek.)

He also says that the books is full of curses. He mentions the imperius curse, the cruciatus curse and the avada kedavra curse, but fails to mention that they are the dubbed "the unforgivable curses" and that "the use of any one of them on a fellow human being is enough to earn a life sentence in Azkaban [prison]." (Goblet of Fire, page 217 pb)

Dollins is also irate that the students go to a "Yule Ball" over Christmas. He claims that Rowling called it a Yule Ball instead of a Christmas Ball in order to take CHRIST out of the holiday. In fact, "YULE" is defined by Merriam Webster as "the feast of the nativity of Jesus Christ."

The book ends with Voldemort regaining power. Harry narrowly escapes Voldemort and alerts Dumbledore of his return.  Dumbledore immediately begins rounding up the Order of the Phoenix to fight him and his followers, the Death Eaters.