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Chapter one rebuttal

Dollins begins his book with a quick chapter on occultic symbols that are used in the Potter novels. A little research, however, reveals that these symbols have Christian meanings, too!

I've also included a few other symbols that Dollin's "forgot" to mention in this chapter.  These are important symbols that come into play later in the series.

(An interesting essay can be found at . I haven't read all of it yet, though.)

(Dollins includes the "crest of Diana" and the pentagram in his chapter about symbolism.  Since neither appear in the Harry Potter books, I am confused as to why he included them at all. 
Since this book is all about getting Christians in hysterics over the Potter phenomenon, I can only assume that he placed them in the chapter knowing that concerned parents would assume that they are indeed in the books.)

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The Triangle

Dollins says that triangle is, "a very powerful spell casting symbol, because it represents the three basic elements of universal witchcraft -- earth, wind, and fire -- represented by the shape's three points." (page 11)

In my understanding, witchcraft uses FOUR points -- earth, wind, fire and water. Secondly, I researched the triangle and found that it is a symbol of the HOLY TRINITY! It is the first symbol ever used to represent the trinity.

And if all triangles are indeed evil, as Dollins suggest, then Aquadoodle and Seasame Street are trying to convert our kids, too! For that fact, almost every toy that my child had before the age of two had a triangle somewhere on it. And to think that all this time I thought it was just about teaching kids shapes or for decorating! Who knew that it was really a diabolical plot?

Bad Fisher Price! Bad!!


The Lion

The Lion is among the well-known symbols of God. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah is shown with the three-rayed nimbus.

One neat note, a "nimbus," as defined at, is a radiant light that appears usually in the form of a circle or halo about or over the head in the representation of a god, demigod, saint, or sacred person such as a king or an emperor. Harry's first broom is a NIMBUS 2000.)

Lions are all over the series ... Harry was born on July 30th making him a LEO and he is in Gryffindor house whose mascot is a LION.

The Griffin

The Griffin is a creature with the wings and head of an a eagle and the body of a lion.

Because it possesses the parts of great preditors, it can be symbolic of Satan and evil. A secondary meaning can be positive.

Because of the griffin's two fold nature, it can also symbolize Jesus and his two-fold nature: both fully God and fully man.


The Stag

The stag is the form that Harry's patronus takes. It was also the form of his father's partonus. James Potter, who was animagus, turned into a stag at will.

The stag symbolizes the “trampling on a serpent or dragon: our Lord’s power over Satan.

(Two stags drinking: Holy Baptism. Hunted stag: the persecution of the early Christians.)

The ancients believed that the stag is able to kill the serpent or dragon by his breath. Hence the symbol of the Word of God, which has power to destroy the works of the devil.” 

Hmmm... able to kill a serpent or dragon.  To those who've read the books, we know how true and important this is to the series!

The Lightning Bolt
(or "Satanic S")

Dollins calls lightning "the Satanic S" stemming from Luke 10:18.

Actually, in Christian symbolism, lightning symbolizes destruction and God’s vengeance. How appropriate, then that Harry Potter would have a lightning bolt shaped scar.

He is the good that brought about the defeat of the Dark Wizard, Voldemort! That scar could very well be a symbol of God's vengeance and destruction of Voldemort.   Good defeats evil!

(I also wonder if Mr. Dollins sees Gatorade as the drink of Satan's minions...)

The Ankh

 Dollins claims tells us that a cross with a loop at the top is an ankh, which is "an Egyptian symbol of the worship of the sun god, Ra. It's also a symbol for reincarnation and fertility."

He uses the term "lust" below it. (Dollins is obesessed with sex, as we will see a little later on.)

Actually, there is a Christian symbol called the "crux ansata" which was derived from the ankh and used by the early Coptic Christians.

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The Phoenix

The phoenis is one of the most widely used of all the symbols of our Lord’s resurrection.

“The symbolism of the phoenix is two-fold. It may pertain to the Resurrection of our Lord, or it may signify the fact that those who fall asleep in Christ shall rise again to newness of life.”


The Unicorn

The unicorn is a symbol of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This fabled animal is pictured as a graceful creature and from the center of his forehead rises a great spiral horn. It is a symbol of our Lord’s Incarnation and His sinless life.

The unicorn of olden times was said to evade all efforts to capture it, and the only possible manner of overtaking it was to place an undefiled virgin in the forest. The unicorn was said to run to her and lay his head in her lap.

This was regarded as a symbol for our Lord, Whom the heavens could not contain, but Who humbled Himself and was born of a Virgin, and was made man.

The Hippogriff

A hippogriff has the head, wings and fore-claws of a female griffin attached to the hind end of the body of a horse. It is said to symbolize one who displays great bravery in the protection of home and family.