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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


Back to the book cover.
There are plenty of snakes (which does symbolize evil. Voldemort is evil as are the Slytherins. The snake is their symbol). There is a phoenix and something he thinks looks like and ankh but I think that he is really reaching for that one.

Dollins says that the monster from the chamber is "killing students as it wills." (page 20, first full paragraph).
NO. The basilisk killed one person, 50 years ago. In Harry's time, NO ONE IS KILLED. NO ONE. ZILCH. NADA.

Dollins also goes off on characters calling Voldemort "he-who-must-not-be-named." He calls it a "mockery of the Lord God!" (exclamation mark is his; page 20, top of page.)

In mythology, mortals would not utter the name of Hades because they feared that calling his name would attract him, thus he'd take the person who called him down to the underworld. Since Rowling knows her mythology, I think that this is has more to do with Voldemort's name than the mockery of God hypthesis.

(I should link that LYING in the name of God would be more of a mockery...)
He also rants about mandrakes and says that it is a good abortion analogy because the mandrakes are "human babies."
The mandrakes are PLANTS and are only utilized (chopped up) when they are grown!!  Making an analogy between mandrake usage and abortion is idiotic.