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The Quest for Information

The Cover of Dollins' Book

It began as research for a term paper.

I was working on a paper on J.K. Rowling and the controvery surrounding her "Potter" series. I hit libraries and the internet for anti-Potter sources, but they were hard to come by. I was told about a "great" book by a former Satanist entitled "Under the Spell of Harry Potter."

I bought the book at and eagerly awaited its arrival.

Surely it would be an enormous help since the book store site described it as thus:

" Stephan Dollins is an ex-satanist high priest saved by the blood of Jesus. He is known for his first video, "The Occult in Your Living Room" in which he exposed the subtle devices Satan uses to slip evil under the noses, or better put into the homes of uniformed Christians. Now Stephen exposes the latest device of evil--"Harry Potter". Once again the average Christian does not recognize the evil in Harry Potter. Harry Potter is being taught not only in public schools, but in some churches! Knowing evil and exposing it is the best way to avoid it. Is there a hidden meaning and purpose to Harry Potter? Are these innocent, harmless children's stories? Decide for yourself!"

The Arrival of the Book

I was excited when I got the package out of the mail box. "I can finish this paper now!!" I thought as I ripped open the brown box and started reading on my way into my home.

However, what I found was hardly factual.

That is the reason for this site. I want to expose this book for the faud that it is and hopefully save someone from spending their hard-earned money on such garbage.