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Introducing Mr. Dollins


 Dollins begins with his Introduction on page 7 with quotes from two children, age 10 and 7. There is no footnote, nothing to which a reader can research the "facts" behind the quotes.  Curious, I did a google search for the kids' names and found one other idiotic zealot rant, but at least this one had footnotes. 
Turns out, the quotes are from two stories that ran in the San Francisco Chronicle, a paper that supports gay issues and even has a section called "The Gay and Lesbian Scene," on July 26, 2000. I am not out to bash anyone with this site ... I just found it interesting that Dollins relied on two quotes from a paper that supports something that his Zealot faith deplores more than Harry Potter.  No wonder he left his source blank on that one. 
(For those interested, Dollins quotes Gloria Bishop in the story "What Readers Think About Goblet" and Harry Libarle in "Harry's Biggest Fans -- Young Reviewers Explain What They Love About the J.K. Rowling Series.")

Not citing his sources seems that this is par-for-the-course for Dollins, as he says that some photographs, quotes and information came from "anonymous sources." Sure they did ...

Dear Dollins, if you want readers to take you seriously, you must have researchable sources. No if, ands or buts about it. Especially when you are speaking as a CHRISTIAN AUTHORITY on CHRISTIAN TRUTH. People are counting on you to be truthful and credible.

Dollins list a few Bible references in his quest to prove Harry Potter satanic. His sources are: I Timothy 4:1-2, Deuteronomy 18:9-11 and Exodus 22:18. (He must've missed the fact that the I Timothy reference is warning of false asceticism.)

Perhaps he *overlooked* Exodus 20:16? Or Exodus 23:1.

At any rate, the Exodus quote to which Dollins refers says, "Anyone who lies with an animal shall be put to death." What - on - earth? There is no one having sex with animals in the Potter novels. (There is no sex in the novels, period.) I can only assume that he meant Exodus 22:17, which says that we should kill witches. 

But Dollins is so obsessed with sex that I am not too suprised with that slip up.  You'll see what I mean as we pick this book apart page by page, paragraph by paragraph. 

As for the Bible, it also says that we should kill all first-born sons (Ex. 22:28). I will get into murder in the Bible a little later, too.

Dollins claims to be a former Satanic High Priest, but I seriously doubt that. I fear that he is another Mike Warnek. (See Until Dollins proves otherwise, I will just view him as another fraud making money off of unsuspecting Christian Evangelicals.

Anyway, Dollins goes on to states that Harry Potter "arose on the literary scene just before Christmas of '99." Book one was published in the United States in September 1998. Dollins mentions that book one, which was originally titled "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone," (and released as such in the U.K.)  was released under another name here in the States and given a more sinister cover. 

It seems that he thinks that Rowling is out to convert the United States into a Satanic country. Honestly.  We live in a country where abortion on demand is OK, where television shows and video games are saturated with violence, vile language, and sex, and where computers are tools for pedophiles. If America has turned away from God, it happened long before Harry Potter crossed the pond.

Scholastic changed the name of the first book "citing the reason that most Americans in the target age group would not be as interested in something containing the word 'philosopher' as they would 'sorcerer' thus hurting sales." (From 

Dollins say that his purpose in his book is to expose Harry Potter as an occultic tool ... right along side the Teletubbies.  (And to think that I thought that Barney was the spawn of Satan! Who knew?)